Pride in Our Work

At REOWEX Pty Ltd, our efficient team is responsible for rebar fabrication. Whether it’s constructing a project, breaking ground on new technology, or getting involved in the community, we take pride in what we do! Our work spans beyond constructing buildings and infrastructures. We preassemble rebar cages used for large, cast-in-place concrete columns in a variety of settings, including bridge piers, elevated highway sections, and high-rise buildings. We take pride in doing excellent work that impacts people and makes a difference.

We are a full service general contractor with extensive experience in concrete construction and ready to meet the specific requirements of any infrastructure project. We utilise our own trucks and drivers so we can guarantee punctual delivery every time. We understand that our clients have demanding schedules and delays can affect the success of a project. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service, delivering the highest quality of materials, and professionally adhering to the agreed schedule.

Ensure Excellent Customer Service

Our superior services include

Prefabrication of building, residential, and commercial structures

Columns and cages

Capping Beams



And much more!

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